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Ensure your 4-legged loved ones the best in animal care and boarding services when you bring them to our Santee, California, pet resort. In case of a medical emergency, our location next to Cuyamaca Animal Hospital ensures your little loved one quick care!

You can be assured that your pet is cared for by a caring, compassionate, knowledgable veterinary technician-trained staff that will provide the special individualized attention to make your pet feel right at home with us.

Our facility has state-of-the-art air conditioning, heating and soft piped music to keep your pet comfortable. If there are any health concerns we have a veterinarian available if needed.


When your pets are visiting our resort, upon request, you can view them by clicking the link to their suite below. Once a username and password are set (by a representative) you can view them as they relax in their room. If your pet is staying with us right now check in on them by:

  • clicking the link with the suite they are in
  • simply enter the user name and password provided to access the secure connection
  • (Active X may need to be installed if your computer does not already have it)
  • Then hit the single tab in the top left corner.
  • You can also listen and speak to your pet if you have webcam capabilities!
  • If you see your pet doing something cute or funny you can click on the screen to take a picture!
  • If you scroll forward with the scroll button the webcam zooms in.

Las Vegas/Art Deco

Our playroom webcam is available by appointment only because our clients share this webcam and we want everyone to be able to view their pet.


Testimonials from Yelp

I have cont to use them the past year and have had no issues!  Love them.  We use the day care now and they send us photos of his day.  Our dog loves this place. Highly recommended!!!Jennifer R. San Diego, CA 10/30/11

We moved to Santee and started taking our Morkie to Furry Friends Day care one day a week. Our dog loves it and is exhausted when she gets home. Although they did raise their prices recently but we didn't get any notice so I thought that was a little unprofessional. They also used to send photos home of our dog during the day at play time or email them to me and they haven't done that in a while. I really liked seeing the photos and seeing who my dog was playing with. They also have a webcam that you can pay $5 extra for and logon during the day for 15 mins and watch your dog playing. Jamie S. San Diego, CA 4/12/11

We boarded our cat here in July and will be boarding him again this month. I HATE boarding him because he gets so stressed. This was a good option as it is part of our vets office. Overall it was a good experience but a little on the pricey side. Kari S. San Diego, CA 10/16/07

We have left our crazy puggle Marley at the Furry Friends Resort quite a few times, and love it.  The pricing is a bit higher than other places, but we like the fact that the Resort is run by our vet.  As they came to the waiting room to take our dog to his room, we started blubbering, and he just happily trotted away - and didn't look back! Ericka T. San Diego, CA 9/15/09

I got my dog as a one year old rescue & he'd never been around other dogs & few people.  He was scared to death of everyone, especially other dogs.  My vet suggested taking him to a good doggie day care as a safe way of getting him used to other dogs.  The 1st time I took him, he shook with fear, peed & stuck by my leg.  It was hard to leave him but Stephanie, who runs Furry Friends, assured me she would take good care of him.  By the 3rd time I took him to Furry Friends, he couldn't wait to get there!  Now, after 2 years, it's his favorite place to be when he's not with me.  There are several other dogs that come regularly that Buddy loves to play with & he wears himself out.  He falls asleep in the car on the way home.  I continue to take him once a week to keep him socialized & to see his friends:)  I also board him there when I have to go out of town & he loves it!  Great place & great staff that really love dogs & the dogs know it.   Cindy C. Highlands Ranch, CO 12/12/11

Stephanie at the resort is the best!  She loves what she does and takes the best care of the animals!!!  Thank you Stefanie!  Holmes's Dad Robert D. San Diego, CA 11/15/11

I board my dog here everyday and he is  A LOT to handle.  I am completely indebted to Dr. Martin and her team of techs.  EVERYONE here treats my pup soooo well and they bend over backwards to make sure that his needs  are being met (and there are many!).  They are very flexible and know that your pet means the world to you.  For me, with a dog that needs special care, this kind of place is one in a million.  Also, knowing that there is a vet on hand at all times provides a great level of comfort and security.  I've recommended this place to everyone I know and haven't heard of a less than wonderful experience yet.                                           Sandra G. San Diego, CA 8/18/09

I love Furry Friends. I've had my 2 Jack Russel's there several times now and they love it too. The rooms are clean and good sized spaces to sleep and play in. The caretakers are friendly and the animals seem to enjoy their time with them. In fact, they probably would rather stay there than come home. Donaree B. Lakeside, CA 1/31/09

I LOVE my cat, and am very picky about where I leave my animals. I tried this place since it is also my vet office. I checked the resort out before leaving my cat here, and it was very clean, and the staff obviously love animals. They allowed me the time I needed to say goodbye, and they let me bring my cats favorite blanket. They took very good care of my kitty. She wasn't spooked at all when I picked her up. She seemed rested and happy.                                  Carol T. Lakeside, CA 12/26/08

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When you expect the best, why settle for anything less? Our reputation speaks for itself, our furry friends are family and only the best will do.

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