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Mission Statement: To provide our clients with the peace of mind their pets will be cared for in a safe, fun, and loving environment that is as low-stress and fear-free as possible. We consider our guests' safety, health, and emotional well-being our number one priority.

Dr. Lori Martin opened Furry Friends Resort's doors in 2007 - right next to her veterinarian office, Cuyamaca Animal Hospital. She realized the immense need of creating a luxury pet resort that was directly connected to the veterinary office so that owners would feel assured of their pet's safety while away at work or on vacation.


We at Furry Friends Resort provide a safe, secure, and fun environment for your pet. We specialize in creating a low-stress & fear-free environment for all two- and four-legged guests that walk through our doors. You can feel relieved knowing your pet is well cared for by compassionate, knowledgeable staff who are trained veterinary technicians. Our staff provides the special individualized attention to make your pet feel right at home with us. Our pet parents have the extra comfort of knowing that our veterinarian staff at Cuyamaca Animal Hospital stays up to date on ANY health issues of our special furry guests!

Dog Boarding About us
About us

"I can leave my dogs at this resort without fear of them getting hurt or being neglected or ignored. They are tired and satisfied with their day when they flop into the back seat of the car and sleep all the way home." ​

Debbie K.

"I also really liked the fact that it's run by the vet clinic. If anything goes wrong, she is in the best spot to get medical care."


Samantha A.



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