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Our luxury suite is the perfect large space for multiple cats or to spoil your single, special cat.

  • The Cat Luxury Suite is 5ft x 4ft x 10ft with clear plexiglass doors & windows and is complete with deluxe cat bedding, resting ledges for lounging, a TV that plays interactive videos of birds, fish, playful kittens, and more, and a deluxe drinking fountain!

  • We keep daily records of weight, exercise, eliminations, emotional and physical well-being. Our veterinarian is intimately involved with any pet's problems and day-to-day care.

  • We separate dog and cat environments completely, including separate entrances.

  • We strive to create a fear-free & low-stress environment for your pet. For more information on how we do this, click here.

  • Webcam viewing (accessible during open hours).

  • Boarding includes free time in our cat playroom. The cat playroom has window views to the outdoors, stimulating interactive toys, climbing/scratching posts, places for hiding, resting ledges for lounging, and a TV that plays interactive videos of birds, fish, playful kittens, and more!

  • This suite has limited availability.

Check-out time for nightly boarding is BEFORE noon. We are closed from12pm-2pm. If pet(s) are picked up after noon, a half night of boarding will be charged per pet.

Cat Luxury Suite Pricing

Nightly Rate                              

Nightly Rate - 2nd Cat

Nightly Rate - 3rd Cat

Holiday Nightly Rate*                  

Holiday Nightly Rate - 2nd Cat*

Holiday Nightly Rate - 3rd Cat*








*Holiday rates occur over a 5- to 7-day period during major holidays (see FAQs).

Cat Luxury Suite
Cat Play Time

Add On's

Playtime Webcam - $6

A 10-minute session to view your furry friend(s) in the cat playroom. When setting up your session, please give us at least a 30 minute notice for your session so that we have time to rotate the play sessions.



Feline Treats - $6

Addt'l Feline Activities

Individual playtime with staff

(10 minute session)


(10 minute session)



Nail Trim

Furminator or Brushing

Teeth Brushing

Baths (includes nail trim)


$45 & up



Choose from the following:


     Dry treats mixture




      Puzzle toys - a staff favorite for bored,

      anxiety-ridden, scared cats. Why?

      Click here for more info.

      Holiday Meal - turducken w/ gravy

Special Needs Packages

*in addition to boarding

    Medication/Supplement Admin Fee   :   


      Up to 3 meds


      More than 3 meds



NOTE: Please keep all medicine in ORIGINAL packaging.





Diabetic Boarding:    


                      Includes checking blood glucose before giving insulin & monitoring by a veterinarian and nurse; does not include syringes or insulin.

$10 per day

$6 per inj.

$6 per day

$30 per day*

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