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Our luxury suites are great options to go the extra mile to spoil your doggie on vacation!

  • Luxury Suites are 6ft x 6ft and located in a quiet hall separate from standard boarding. Suites have clear plexiglass doors and are complete with relaxing beach scenery, deluxe dog sofas, cots, or luxury bedding, and ceiling fans. Each luxury suite also has a TV that plays interactive videos taking your dog on a virtual game of fetch as well as a walk through the woods to experience deer, ducks, wolves, birds, butterflies, and more!

  • We keep daily records of weight, exercise, eliminations, emotional and physical well-being. Our veterinarian is intimately involved with any pet's problems and day-to-day care.

  • We strive to create a fear-free & low-stress environment for your pet. For more information on how we do this, click here.

  • 4 walks per day.

  • Webcam viewing (accessible during open hours).

  • Daycare is included in boarding stays - dogs who get along well with other dogs will go out for sessions of play throughout the day (doggie daycare) with other friendly pre-screened dogs. Dogs who prefer the company of humans will go out for two 10-minute playtime sessions with staff daily.

Check-out time for nightly boarding is BEFORE noon. We are closed from12pm-2pm. If pet(s) are picked up after noon, a half night of boarding will be charged per pet.

Luxury Suite Pricing

Nightly Rate                              

Nightly Rate - Addt'l Dog

Holiday Nightly Rate*                   

Holiday Nightly Rate - Addt'l Dog* 



*Holiday rates occur over a 5- to 7-day period during major holidays (see FAQs).

Dog Luxury Suite
Doggie Daycare
Dog Boarding




Add On's

Playtime Webcam - $6

10-minute session to view your furry friend in the indoor or outdoor playroom. Please give us at least a 30 minute notice for your session so that we have time to rotate play groups.




Canine Treats - $6

Choose one of the following:


     Dry treats mixture


     Frosty Paws Ice Cream (flavors vary)                              

     Bully stick chew                                


     Bizzy Bone - kong stuffed w/ goodies          and peanut butter 


     Puzzle toys - a staff favorite for bored,

     anxiety-ridden, scared dogs. Why?

     Click here for more info.


     Holiday Meal - turducken w/ veggies,

     apples, & gravy

Addt'l Canine Activities

Individual playtime with staff

(10 minute session)


(10 minute session)

Extra Walk



Nail Trim

Furminator or Brushing

Teeth Brushing



$27 & up



*See the Bathing tab for discounted bundled pricing.

Special Needs Packages

*in addition to boarding

    Medication/Supplement Admin Fee   :   


      Up to 3 meds


      More than 3 meds



NOTE: Keep all medicine in original packaging.





Diabetic Boarding:    


                      Includes checking blood glucose before   

   giving insulin & monitoring by a veterinarian and nurse; does not include syringes or insulin.

$10 per day

$6 per inj.

   $6 per day

$30 per day*

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