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Daycare provides your pet with safe supervised play, exercise, loving attention, and interaction with staff members and other friendly canine guests in our indoor and outdoor playrooms.

  • Doggie Daycare includes an indoor and outdoor area. The indoor play area has large plexiglass windows, AC/heat, resting stones, toys, and elevated cots for lounging. Our outdoor play area has a shallow pool for warm days, elevated cots for lounging, a variety of toys, and K9-grass artificial turf that's designed just for dogs!

  • Our veterinarian is intimately involved with your pets' day-to-day care, whether it be boarding or daycare!

  • We strive to create a fear-free & low-stress environment for your pet. For more information on how we do this, click here.

  • We ensure your pet gets play breaks - breaks are essential to keep your pet happy, healthy, and stress-free!

  • All of our playgroups are grouped according to size/temperament/age.

  • We do not accept incessant barkers or aggressive pets (a lot of places do!) - this can cause stress for other pets.

  • We understand how important doggie daycare is to your pet's well-being. For more information on why, see our FAQs.

Doggie Daycare

Doggie Daycare Pricing



Single Full Day

Daycare Package (10 days - 15% off)

Doggie Daycare
Doggie Daycare

Add On's

Playtime Webcam - $6

A 10-minute session to view your furry friend(s) in the indoor or outdoor playroom. When setting up your session, please give us at least a 30 minute notice for your session so that we have time to rotate the play groups.




Canine Treats - $6

Choose one of the following:


     Dry treats mixture


     Frosty Paws Ice Cream (flavors vary)                              

     Bully stick chew                                


     Bizzy Bone - kong stuffed w/ goodies          and peanut butter 


     Puzzle toys - a staff favorite for bored,

     anxiety-ridden, scared dogs. Why?

     Click here for more info.


     Holiday Meal - turducken w/ veggies,

     apples, & gravy

Additional Activities

Individual playtime with staff

(10 minute session)


(10 minute session)

Extra Walk



Nail Trim

Furminator or Brushing

Teeth Brushing



$24 & up



*See the Bathing tab for discounted bundled pricing.

Special Needs Packages

    Medication/Supplement Admin Fee   :   


      Up to 3 meds


      More than 3 meds



NOTE: Please keep all medicine in ORIGINAL packaging.





$8 per day

$6 per inj.

$5 per day

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