What vaccines are required?


For all of our requirements, including vaccinations, please refer to our Rules and Regulations.


What time is check-out for nightly boarding?


Check-out time for nightly boarding is BEFORE noon. We are closed from12pm-2pm. If pet(s) are picked up after noon, a half night of boarding will be charged per pet (holiday rates apply).


What is included with boarding? Does my pet get to come out of his/her room during the day?


Cats: All of our cats have daily individual playtime in our cat playroom, which is completely separate from where the other cats are boarding. The cat playroom has interactive toys, resting ledges, climbing posts & a TV that plays interactive videos of birds and fish. 


Dogs: All of our canine guests go for 4 walks per day to do their business (including a late night walk at 10pm). Dogs who get along well with other dogs will go out for sessions of play throughout the day (doggie daycare) with other friendly pre-screened dogs. Dogs who prefer the company of humans over other dogs will go out for two 10-minute playtime sessions with staff daily.


My dog does not get along well with other dogs, but daycare is included in the boarding price. Will my dog just be in his/her room all day?


If your dog does not get along well with other dogs, we will substitute doggie daycare with two 10-minute individual playtime sessions with staff members. Some dogs do better with receiving individual attention due to their health or personality and we take pride in accommodating such needs for your pet. Even if your dog will not be going out for doggie daycare, he/she will still be receiving individualized attention and care from our staff.


Does someone stay overnight with my pet? (COVID POLICIES MAY AFFECT THIS - call for details)

We do have overnight staff on site. Our resort is also secured by an alarm system that includes security cameras, webcams, motion sensors, and temperature control sensors. If an alarm goes off for ANY reason, management is immediately notified and the Sheriffs will arrive within minutes (the Santee Sheriffs Station is right across the street from us).


What happens if my pet gets sick or there is an emergency while boarding?

Our partner, Cuyamaca Animal Hospital, is conveniently located right across the parking lot and we always have a veterinarian available for any medical concerns or emergencies. In the event of an emergency, we will attempt to contact you, followed by your emergency contact, and if both are unreachable, the veterinary staff at Cuyamaca Animal Hospital will anticipate the best course of action to care for your pet.


What is doggie daycare & why is it important to my pet?

Daycare provides your dog with fun supervised play, exercise, loving attention, and interaction with staff members and other friendly canine guests in our indoor and outdoor play areas. Our playrooms are complete with toys for the dogs to play with (some facilities do not provide toys in playgroups).


Doggie daycare is important for the well being of your dog, especially if he/she does not have any other dog interaction at home or if pet parents work full-time. Doggie daycare can help eliminate owner absent behavioral problems. Why? Because dogs are very social animals by nature & their mental health can suffer as a result of no socialization. Dogs who attend doggy daycare are more likely to be healthier, more confident, and happier pets!

Why can’t my dog be cage-free all day long?

It is in unnatural & unhealthy for dogs to play non-stop all day without rest periods. Canine guests will go out for supervised play sessions throughout the day and have rest periods in between sessions in their own quiet room. Rest periods are very important to provide a low-stress environment for your dog(s).


How are dogs evaluated for group play?

All dogs are thoroughly evaluated prior to being introduced to a playgroup. Our evaluation trials normally take around 5 hours depending on the dog to ensure an adequate amount of time for your pet to adjust and interact with the other animals and staff members. Playgroups are assigned by size, temperament, play style, activity level & age.

We evaluate dogs on the following:

1. The dog’s reaction to the environment & being handled by staff

2. The dog’s reaction to meeting individual dogs, a small group of dogs, and a larger group of dogs

3. The dog’s reaction being in an enclosure during rest periods

4. The dog’s play behaviors, inappropriate barking, stress signals, body posture, energy level, etc.


How do you monitor and control pet behavior?

We NEVER use physical force to control pet behavior (squirt bottles, yelling, shock collars, etc.). Instead, we reward positive wanted behaviors with praise & treats and redirect negative behaviors with toys, interactive puzzle toys and other fun stimulating activities.


What is fear-free?


We know boarding can be a stressful or scary time for dogs and cats, but there are also several measures pet resorts can take to help alleviate some of the stress and fear endured by pets.


Several of our staff members have become Fear-Free certified, which means they have had extensive training on recognizing the signs of fear, anxiety, and stress in pets & how to resolve these issues through different handling techniques, changing their environment to fit their needs, using interactive puzzle or treat dispensing toys to improve their emotional well-being, etc. The goal is to provide a relaxing and enjoyable stay while they are here.


For more information on all of the steps we take to reduce your pet's stress and fear while boarding or coming to daycare, please refer to our Fear-Free & Low-Stress Environment page.

What are puzzle toys & why are they recommended?


Mental stimulation is just as important as physical, especially while your pet is away from home. Puzzle toys provide your pet with interactive stimulating games where they have to use their brain to get a rewarding treat or toy and helps to keep their mind off of missing you! We have many guests benefit from using our puzzle toys at the resort.


What can I do prior to bringing my pet in to decrease anxiety and stress while boarding?


We highly recommend bring your pet in for daycare prior to your reservation so we can evaluate how your pet will adjust while you are away, especially if they have never been in a boarding environment before.


Even though we go above and beyond at the resort to create an environment that is as low-stress and fear-free as possible (see our Fear-Free & Low-Stress Environment page for more info.), we know this cannot take into account all aspects of a pet’s behavior in all situations. If you are concerned your pet will be stressed to the point of needing anti-anxiety medications to stay with us, please discuss with your veterinarian.


Why choose us/how are we different from other facilities?


1. We monitor weight, appetite, eliminations, general health & emotional well-being. A veterinarian is immediately notified if there are any concerns.

2. We have veterinary technician trained staff qualified to care for pets with serious medical conditions.

3. We have Fear-Free certified staff members.

4. We have no breed, size or age restrictions.

5. Our veterinarian is intimately involved with the day-to-day care of all of our animals.

6. We are able to accommodate dogs who prefer the company of humans over other dogs - some facilities only accept dog friendly dogs.


When are your holiday rates in effect?

Our holiday rates occur between a 5 to 7 day period on major holidays.

2021 Holiday Boarding Rates:

  • Easter: 04/2 - 04/6 (closed 04/4)

  • Memorial Day: 05/29 - 06/02 (closed 05/31)

  • Independence Day: 07/02 - 07/06 (closed 07/04)

  • Labor Day: 09/03 - 09/07 (closed 09/06)

  • Thanksgiving: 11/22 - 11/29 (closed 11/25)

  • Christmas/New Year's: 12/22 - 01/04 (closed 12/25 & 01/01)


Do you have daycare during the holidays?


Daycare will be CLOSED during the dates listed above. We will be accepting overnight guests only.