We offer bathing services for all breeds that includes a warm massaging bath, ear cleaning, shampoo and conditioner, blow dry, brush out, bandana, and perfume/cologne. Call today to make an appointment and see how you can customize a low-stress bathing package special for your furry friend!

Tiny dog (0-10lbs)                                            


Small dog (11-20lbs)    


Medium dog (21-50lbs)                                    


Large dog (51-90lbs)                                         


Extra large dog (91lbs +)                                 


Cats (includes nail trim)                                     


                                          $27 and up 

                  $33 an d up 

                    $39 and up

                   $48 and up

                       $55 and up

$45 and up

Bathing Pricing

Bath Add Ons 

 Nail trim & gland expression with bath: $15

Furminator or extra brushing: $12

Teeth brushing: $12


A La Carte (without bath)

Nail trim: $20

Furminator or extra brushing: $12

Teeth brushing: $12

  *Extra charges may be applied for medicated shampoos, temperament, and length and condition of coat.

Dog and Cat Baths